The money which is drawn from debit card is basically the amount that is debited from your bank account. However, the money which is withdrawn through a credit card is the amount of money which acts like a short term loan granted on the card issuing entity. In a credit card, all the expenses are converted into a consolidated bill which has to be paid after the end of the billing cycle.

There are two kinds of credit cards that are provided below:
Standard Credit Cards - Under the standard credit cards, they come with the basic features with no annual fees.
Specialized Credit Cards - These kind of credit cards are designed as per the specific requirements and need of the card holder. Such kind of credit cards offers dining benefits, travel discounts and fuel costs.

A CVV number is basically a 3-digit number which is often mentioned on the back side of the credit card with the signature panel. In the case of the online transactions, it is a highly essential number and should never be disclosed to anyone.

If any credit card is having a merchant’s logo or name on the specific credit card with the issuer of the card and therefore it is termed as co-branded credit card. Generally, airlines, online shopping destinations offer such facilities.

With New Delhi Financial it will hardly take few minutes to apply for a credit card. Once you have applied the verification process will take 3-5 days and within 7 working days, you are able to get the credit cards.

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