DSA Registration with New Delhi Financial

Registering as a direct sales associate (DSA) with New Delhi Financial can be highly rewarding for individuals as well as small businesses. If you are looking for opportunities to generate full-time income from the comfort of your home, our DSA Partner Program will be the perfect fit for you.

With a wide range of Scheduled Commercial Banks, Small Finance Banks, and NBFCs in our network, our DSAs have the perfect platform to expand their reach. Attracting potential borrowers across the country is now easier than ever.

Some of the prominent financial organizations in our network of lenders include YES Bank, India Bulls, ICICI Bank, IDFC Bank, RBL Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, HDFC Bank, SBI, DCB Bank, Capital First.

When it comes to our products and services, we are at par with the best in the business. Our service offerings extend to SME Loans, Personal Loans, Mortgages, Business Loans and Home Loans. What more can you ask for?

With such powerhouse products and first-rate financial institutions in our network, the ladder of growth for all our DSAs is swift and easy. So, join us and become an integral part of our successful journey in the times to come.

If you have the hunger to succeed, we have the ideally-suited platform for you!

At New Delhi Financial, we take great pride in our practically viable andtechnology driven approach. So, what sets us apart? What qualities allow us to get ahead of the competition? Let’s take a look:

• More than 70 financial institutions in our network.
• Remote access for DSAs across the country.
• DSAs can sell all loan products from all Banks/NBFCs from one platform.
• First rate DSA support system with 24/7 query resolution.
• Completely digitized and unlimited logins to our CRM.
• Regular payouts for DSAs between the 20th to 25th day of every month.
• Option registering as a DSA for specific Financial Institutions.
• Quick and easy loan approvals.
• A superlatively effective business model.

Well, we’re not done yet. Apart from this, we are also in the process of creating a scalable and seamless smartphone app for our DSAs to ensure connectivity on the go even from the smallest devices.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us as DSA today!

Our Registration Process

We have created a simple and convenient registration process for individuals and small businesses who want to enjoy our excellent DSA program. Let’s take a look at the step by step process of getting registered with New Delhi Financials.

• Fill the DSA registration form available by providing necessary details
• Our Support Team will give you a call within minutes for verification
• Receive your login credentials on registered email id
• Login to provide KYC details and complete your profile
• You will become a DSA with New Delhi Financialwithin a few hours

Isn’t this simple and easy?

Well, that’s not all. New Delhi Financial has also created a wide variety of attractive Partner Programs for individuals and small businesses keeping in view their experience, expertise and requirements in this industry. Click below to get all the details.

Who Are Our DSAs?

The best part of our DSA Partner Program is that you don’t need prior experience in the financial industry to join. All you need is the ability to convert potential borrowers into loan applicants. Your interpersonal skills can take you to unprecedented heights as a DSA with New Delhi Financial.

At present, our DSAs come from a variety of industries. Even youngsters starting their career without any work experience and retired persons have done the hard yards and excelled using our first-rate DSA Partner Program.

Let’s take a look at the various market sectors to which our DSAs belong:

• Employees of Banks/ NBFCs
• Insurance industry
• Real Estate industry
• Human Resources Professionals
• Lawyers, Chartered Accountants
• Information Technology (IT) personnel
• Freshers, retired persons

Frequently Ask Questions

Under the Partner Program, the DSAs are required to connect with potential borrowers and convert them into loan applicants. New Delhi Financial gets their loan applications approved by the relevant Bank/ NBFC (subject to eligibility and Bank/NBFC approval).

Every time a loan is approved by the concerned Bank/ NBFC a certain amount of money is paid to the DSA as commission by New Delhi Financial.

No, DSAs are not employees of New Delhi Financial. They are our associates/ partners who help us reach more potential borrowers across the country. They are given remuneration in the form of commission and not as salary.

New Delhi Financial acts as an intermediary between Banks/NBFCs and our DSAs. We present loan applications to banks after we receive them from the DSAs.The loan applications for specific products are sent to banks as per the requirements of the applicant as requested by the DSA.

The DSAs are required to connect with potential borrowers and facilitate their loan application. These applications are brought before New Delhi Financial and we present them before the concerned Bank/NBFC.

Yes. As part our endeavors to consistently upgrade the options for our DSAs and loan applicants, New Delhi Financial is on the constant lookout and search to add more loan products in our offerings along with enhancing our network of Banks/ NBFCs.

New Delhi Financial- Affiliate& Referral Marketing Programs

New Delhi Financial is an online marketplace facilitating the loan & credit card applications of businesses and individuals. Our bank & NBFC partners include Standard Chartered Bank, Deutsche Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, RBL Bank, DBS Bank, IDFC First Bank, HDFC Ltd, Axis Bank, IndusInd Bank, HDB Bank, IIFL and Sriram Housing among others. Our diverse product range includes SME Loans, Personal Loans, Mortgages, Business Loans and Home Loans.

At New Delhi Financial, we are forever committed to expanding our umbrella to consumers across India and at all societal levels. At the same time, creating top-notch opportunities for our associates, partners and consumers to earn consistently is among our primary objectives.

With these goals in focus, we have created a superbly beneficial Affiliate Marketing Program for individuals and small businesses willing to become our associates. Along with this, NDF has also come up with an excellent Referral Marketing Program for customers and consumers.

In a relatively short span of time, we have set unprecedented milestones by means of these programs. We offer commissions and rewards at par with the best in the business. At the same time, we provide referral as well as affiliate marketers with the most effective leads to enhance their reach and gain customers.

All You Need to Know

Even though there are a lot of conceptual similarities in the modus operandi of Affiliate Marketing and Referral Marketing, there are fundamental differences between them. Let’s take a look at the definitions of these two marketing formats individually to understand the crucial points of distinction.

Affiliate Marketing - It refers to the type of marketing where a company pays a certain amount of commission to third parties, associates or affiliates for every customer brought on board by efforts of the respective associate/ affiliate. The third-party associates become business partners and run marketing campaigns at a parallel level to the primary business.

Referral Marketing - In the case of referral marketing, the existing customers of a business are given rewards or incentive for referring products & services of the company. Here, the current users/ customers promote the offerings using their own resources usually to their friends, family, colleagues or relatives.

New Avenues in Referral & Affiliate Marketing

With the arrival of social networking platforms and advancements in internet technology, it has become extremely convenient for people to flourish in these fields. The use of digital marketing methods in promoting products and services has already proven extremely viable in the past few years.

Keeping in view the impact making ability of these methods, our Affiliate & Referral Programs give you the opportunity to market products both offline and online. As a result, our marketers can bring a substantial number of customers under our umbrella and maximize their earning.

How Can You Join Us an Affiliate or Referral Marketer?

Our Affiliate& Referral Marketing Programs can be availed by individuals as well as small businesses. We have created a smooth, easy and completely web-based process for joining this program. Here’s the step by step guide:

• Fill our registration form by entering all the necessary information
• Our Support Team will give you a verification call
• Receive your login credentials on registered email id
• Login to provide KYC details and complete your profile
• You will become a Affiliate/ Referral Marketer with us within a few hours

We are also in the process of launching our mobile app which will make it even more convenient for budding marketers to become a part of our ever-growing network.

Frequently Ask Questions

No. People from all backgrounds, freshers, and retired persons can become a part of these programs irrespective of their educational qualification.

Our Affiliate Marketing programs are open to all Indian citizens above the age of 18. We welcome professionals from diverse industries and areas of interest.

No, our Referral Marketing Program has been created exclusively for our customers.

You can come on board without making any payments by following the registration process detailed above. Our Affiliate/ Referral Marketing programs are free of all charges.

No. You will receive commissions when the loan applications brought by you are approved and disbursed by the respective banks.

Once you join our Affiliate/ Referral Marketing programs, we will provide you detailed information about the applicable commissions against different types of loan products for different Banks/ NBFCs.

Not at all, you can become a referral/ affiliate marketer by using our online registration process. But our doors are always open and you’re welcome!

Yes, our affiliate/ referral marketers can use their links and contacts to get in touch with prospective loan applicants from all over the country in order to bring them on board.

The marketing and advertising efforts along with the expenses on them will have to be borne by referral/ affiliate marketers. However, depending on the volume of business provided by a marketer New Delhi Financial may or may not make contributions as per their discretion.

You can call, WhatsApp or email us your queries using the contact details provided on our website and we will get back to you.